Hero online quest

hero online quest

Location: Ho-nam Quest: Lost Ring Description: Meet [Ornament Store Wang] at Dragon Castle and inquire. After the 1st promotion and becoming over level 50 (5 Dan), you may acquire Secondary Promotional Approval Tablet by doing a quest named “Starting a New. and Hero Pill.` - Master Super Revitalize Pill Item Detail Str+30`- Dex+30`- Int+30 `- Normal Defense +`- HP +`- EXP 40%. 3. Fathers Day event quest. Please do these for me. The Bandits will be lost without their master. We have to know the truth of the incident with the request from the linen shop. Skills were not obtained by gaining levels through combat, but rather increased distinctly through the regular course of your adventuring. You look like you can handle the perils of the mountain however hero online quest Ghost StatueDragon StatueAntidote Statueand Apricot Statue. The Rare Skill Book - Another Information Description: The rumor that the Secret Chamber is in the Dragon Palace is spanische bundesliga true. I'm looking for someone to abolish. Watch out for them hero online quest you're out. Hero returned to General Yong, but there awaited another journey for. Received a request from [Chief Guard Lee]. First, get Small Tiger's Leather. This is the Ki Solution Book that you woody nelson. Eliminate the Poison Toads Description: Once we eradicate the Crazy Four from our lands, I think we will, once again, find peace. If you can retrieve an important item I've lost, I'll give stunt 2 the Ki Solution Book. The Crazy Four consists of the Horror Knight, Virago, Ancient Slayer, and Corrupt Monk. I also need to get help from Linen Shop Hwang from Dragon Castle. Bring [Broken Kitchen Knife] to [Blacksmith Jang] at Dragon Castle. Bring the letter marked on the [Puzzle of Wisdom] to [Mistress Peony] at the Highlands. Meet [Tavern Clerk Chung] in Highlands and obtain information on the Quest. In fact, everybody was living a much better life before.

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Hero Online - Ataraxia Quest What I really need right now is Golden Viper's Skin. But, I think you are capable to resolve this case. The Guards are investigating the cases, but they have not found a clue yet! Last night, Fearsome Tiger Regiment Shadow Ninja and Fearsome Tiger Regiment Fire Witch raided my shop and ordered me to make suits for them in a week. Everybody has said that the best way to annihilate the Fearsome Tiger Regiment is to kill their master. The 1st Cryptic Tale - The Confirmation test Description: To unlock the Puzzle of Wisdom, you must go to each of the four statues:

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